Encouragers Society

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The Encourager Society strives to help other non profit organizations through television, media and live music concerts to help raise funds or food items and to raise awareness for the organization.

The Encouragers Society sponsors three television shows that are created to uplift and entertain people all over the world through gospel, country and bluegrass music.

     Founder  Inez "Mom" Kramer

  501 c 3 Non Profit Organization

Lois Inez  "MOM" Kramer

The Encouragers Society is a non profit 501c 3 organization. We believe that each person who desires to live, work and be an encouragement to others, can be successful. Our mission is to help those individuals, businesses and charities striving to make a positive difference in the world.

You'll find Encourager Music as well as many other artist from the Great American Gospel TV Show!

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Founder 1963